The Idea

First things first, my name is Beverly, and I have been working in the food industry for over 12 years. To be honest, it was accidental, as I graduated in interior designing. One of my childhood friends was a chef, and he introduced me to the cooking world.

Anyway, I was fascinated by it. Initially, I redesigned some restaurants, but with some time I focussed on food presentation. I worked with some famous chefs learning the science behind it, and now I train young chefs and home cooks who want to improve their cooking skills.

I thought of putting all this information online through a blog. My brother who is already a lifestyle blogger pushed me to do so and finally I started this.

What are you going to find on Performance Kitchen?

  • Importance and Basics of Food presentation.
  • The skills and tools required for making that happen.
  • Specific techniques.
  • Interviews of Chefs talking about Food presentation.

This was brief about the idea behind this and what you can find on the website. We hope to provide the best information.