Importance of Food Presentation

Believe it or not, we have many different ways to eat food! Before we eat it from our mouth, we eat the food with our eyes, we eat with our nose. The visual appearance of any food struck our mind first and then we decide whether to consume the food or not. Yes, the visual appearance of every food that we consume is important, and that is the reason why people do hit out restaurants to eat delicious food. Well, if you are eager to know more about the Importance of Food Presentation then here are some reasons for it:

Before the first is taken, the idea of the taste has already been created in your head. Smell also plays a part, but it is more about what you see.

Think about it; there is some place where you visit because there is this one dish which is tasty and is also presented well.

So today we discuss three main reasons why food presentation is important.

First Impressions Is the Last Impression

Always remember one thing that the first impression is the last impression, and when it comes to food, this saying is 100% true.  When we go to a restaurant, we all believe that the food will be tasty, and it will be garnished well. However, if it is not garnished well, most of the people lose interest in the food, and might never visit place.

In recent years, culinary schools focus a lot more on presentation, which clearly reflects the trend. When a plate is served on the table, we try to find out how beautifully it has been presented, and this is actually where most of the attraction comes. So my friend, if you are cooking for a date, or your family, or want to impress someone, the first impression of the dish is key.

Spice up the dish

The subject of culinary art refers to something more than the study of cooking. It encompasses the implementation of presentation as well as the procedure of making the food. The presentation is an art using which you need, to make the food look interesting.The touch of the handy ingredients and the smell brings up all the aromas for us to believe in a portion of food.

Not only this, it can take even a bland ingredient (or dish) to a whole new level. Here is an example –

Egg Plant - Performance Kitchen

Egg Plant presented in a stunning way

So even if you have some boring or bland dish in your menu, the way you present it, can turn it around.

Artful Relationship

Now, we all know that food is an art, and a cook is an artist. But when art meets with artists, it demands love and creativity as well. Yes, the way you present food actually deliberates how you are acquainted with it and how much are you in love with the food. Yes, presentation always matters, and the look of the food, the touch of the ingredients all collaborates in making the food delicious. The art to curate plating is giving love and respect to the food.

Think of it as a painting. A good painting will lead to greater appreciation and awe for the painter. Similarly, if a dish is intricate and striking, it leads to greater respect for the chef and his skills. Thus, there is enough importance in creating and curating food. It almost adds to the beautiful nature of how we should consume the food!

Thus, there is a lot of importance in creating and curating food. Next time around we talk about some basics of food presentation.

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