Food Presentation 101 – Basics

Before we eat our food, we explore it; we urge out to know more about it, and we make sure that the food is edible. All this happens when the food presentation is just perfect, and the visual appeal of the dish is striking.  We believe that food presentation is perhaps the only thing that builds the expectation as a more visually appealing dish will lead to greater curiosity in the mind of someone who is about to eat it. Cooking food is a pure skill but presenting it more of art. We discuss, the basics of food presentation in this post.

Choose the Tableware

Remember one thing that the Tableware is the primary and the most basic thing you need to adhere too, when it comes to food presentation. Place small knives, forks, and spoons correctly and make sure the table cloth goes well with the ambience and setting of the room. Do this right, and you have taken the first step.

Use small dishes

A lot of people say that serving in a big plate is a good idea, well It is not. Serving in small plates increases the focus on the dish, and since you don’t have a big surface area to work with, you don’t have to worry about multiple elements.

Serve it small

Do not place a lot of food on a single plate. Try to make it small and divide into two small plates. If you are serving in a small dish, then people don’t feel overwhelmed with the dish and tend to be more excited about eating it. Small portions and small plate, can take you a long way.

Here is a video which explains in detail about plating, by Gina heart (who incidentally is Beverly’s good friend)

Colour matters

Placing colourful fruits and vegetables like salads in a platter is always a good idea. It not only adds more to the taste but also adds a lot to value to the visual appeal as well. So try to put some fruits with more variation in colours.


Positioning is the key to making a delicious food look beautiful as well. If you want to add multiple elements like fruits and vegetables, then positioning them in a structured way is vital. Having said that, there is no harm letting your creative instinct take over this.

Get the Right Tools

Yes, it is not possible for everyone to perfectly slice cucumbers or to peel off the seeds of tomatoes with just a knife. You may need some necessary tools to do it. So just grab one and cut the vegetables and fruits according to your wish. Even a skilled warrior needs a sword.

Piping Bags

If you are preparing deserts, then it is not a good idea to add icing sugar with the spoon. Get a piping bag and make the look of the desert completely new. You can get piping bags from any local store or buy few from Amazon.

Use Herbs:

Herbs are often ignored in food presentation, but they add more depth and versatility to your dish. The best thing is they are multicoloured, so you can pair up a vibrant dish with a subtle herb and do the opposite with a lighter dish.

These are just the basics, in the next post, Beverly will talk about the techniques.


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