7 simple ways to present like a Michelin Star Chef

Do you believe that a Michelin Star Chef knows 1000 times more than what you do? Are you serving the dishes without any special preparation on how to present it beautifully? Well! There are a lot of things which makes food look good, and proper food presentation may earn you the title of the Michelin Star Chef! Well not really, but it can take you in that direction.

In the last post, Dennis discussed some of the basics, but today I will talk in detail about the specific things and techniques that you can do to improve your skills. Let’s go: –

  1. Set the Table:

The first most important thing is to show the table. Remember great food when served on an excellent table has a significant impact.  So if you are planning to make great food, then there are certain things you need to just right. You need to select each utensil and place it on the table accordingly.

You need to choose each utensil and place it on the table accordingly. If you are cooking an ethnic dish, see to it, that you have everything that is required to eat that meal. Here is a detailed article, in this regard.

2. Choose your Plates:

Remember to choose the dishes wisely. If you are serving anything small, then grab a small plate. If you are serving anything large, then you might have to choose the plate to be bigger. Do not ever over stuff the plate and also don’t intentionally keep it empty. It’s all about proportions here.

3. Check the Time:

Serving wrong food at the wrong time can prove to be disastrous. Similarly, pairing it up with the wrong presentation at the wrong time can make you a laughing stock. A general rule of thumb is to keep away from anything heavy or too vibrant at night.

If it’s night, better go light.”

4. Maintain the colors:

Remember that there can be nothing better than the color of nature and creativity. You need to garnish the platter in such a way that it looks vibrant and has a beautiful feel. Do this by adding salads or fruits or almonds or sauces. If the colour pops in your dish, the dish will pop in the mind of the one who eats it.

5. Serve with herbs:

Chefs now consider herbs to be almost intangible. Remember herbs can not only add to the taste but with proper garnishing, it adds to the appeal.  Herbs - Performance Kitchen

But never try to fill the plate over with herbs as many people will not like to eat much of it. Herbs so serve the purpose of presentation, more or less.  

5. Design it well:

 Chefs now spend a lot of time discussing how they can master the art of designing. It means how you take different elements of your dish, and present them in a visually pleasing way. Chefs experiment with ways on how they can present the same dish in a different way. This technique will take a lot of practice but don’t hesitate to experiment.

Use the required tools:

Finally, if you are a beginner using the right tools is important. They help you do the task in hand in a much better way. Most home cooks think they can do with regular utensils or appliances and don’t see the value in investing in good appliances. Take desserts for example, if you are baking cake, or some cookies, proper mixing is vital. For that, you need to use the very best of stand mixers. Using a simple hand tool won’t to the job.

It all boils down to how serious you are about cooking and presentation. And by the way, if you are serious about desserts, get Kitchenaid Professional 600. (Even Dennis loves to use it)

So now we have shared some basics and techniques that can lead you to the path where you are presenting like a true Michelin star chef.


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